Possibly the Most Effective Yeast Infection Treatment Ever

Coconut oil, lavender, and tea tree essential oils
Coconut oil, lavender, and tea tree essential oils

Yeast infections.  Most women have had at least one, especially during pregnancy.  I experienced that terribly itching feeling during my pregnancy, and it led me to researching natural treatments, since I generally don’t trust drugstore-variety products.

I learned that coconut oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil are all anti-fungal and anti-yeast, so I decided to make a concoction and see how it worked.  It was amazing!  Instant relief.  I’ve tried a few other natural treatments before, like eliminating sugar, taking probiotics, applying yogurt and/or garlic for their anti-yeast properties, but this one is by far the best and most effective in my opinion.

You will need:

  • Unrefined organic coconut oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Tea Tree essential oil
  • Spoon and small bowl for mixing
  • Fridge or freezer

Test each of these oils on your skin first to make sure you don’t have a reaction, unless you’re a regular user and already know your tolerance.  Tea tree oil is a very potent oil, so please start out with only a couple drops and repeat as necessary, adding more drops as needed.  A tingling sensation is normal, but if you’re sensitive or allergic, it could burn you, and we don’t want that!

In a small bowl, mix about a tablespoon of coconut oil with a few drops of each essential oil.  I started out with only two drops of each, but now that I know my skin is not sensitive to them, I use several drops of each– probably 8-10.  Put the bowl in your fridge or freezer, stirring occasionally to form the oil into a solid clump.  This will make the oil much easier to insert, as coconut oil melts as soon as it comes into contact with skin.  Once your oil blend is a solid, easily insertable clump, remove it from the spoon and use clean fingers to gently insert it into your vagina.  You will want to use a cloth pad or toilet paper to absorb the oil, which will leak out over the next couple hours.  Repeat as necessary.  I found this to be an incredibly potent treatment that relieved the itching immediately, and cured the infection over night.  If you are pregnant or allergic to any of these oils, consult an informed naturopath, midwife, or physician before trying this treatment.


Chilled oil blend
Chilled oil blend

85 thoughts on “Possibly the Most Effective Yeast Infection Treatment Ever

  1. Ladies! I’m finding that for the coconut cure to be more effective, you have to take it orally as well. At least 3 tbs per day. This is because the yeast is in your gut and works it’s way down to become the raging V hell.

    Yeah, to some the gag reflects just kicked in. I hate the way it goes down, but those few seconds of discomfort are completely erased by the reality of a yeast infection. I think I’ll make the coconut oil a supplement daily.

    I’m also opening up a capsule of Acidophilus and adding it to the suppository mixture. This seems to be really working!

  2. It worked!! I had a mild or early stages of a vaginal yeast infection and made this and did it. All problems were gone after 1 application but I did two just to make sure. It’s been 2 days and it is still healed and not returned!

  3. Love this. My only criticism is 1 tablespoon is way to big. I shaped this in every way I could imagine and it just would not fit. Finally I rolled the semi – frozen oil into the shape of a tampon and was able to get 2/3 in then just cross my legs and try to hold it in definitely closer to a teaspoon for sure not a tablespoon

    1. I spoke too soon. This made my yeast infection worse! Sigh…I thought all the good reviews meant there was some hope. Trying this again tonight with 1 teaspoon of oil instead of 1 tablespoon and we’ll see what happens. Feeling very discouraged.

  4. Thank you Thank you Thank you! This worked for me within an hour..I’ve had the beginnings of a yeast infection..the dreaded ich..ugh.. Now its gone! I didn’t have to use the full tablespoon.. Like the comment above it was a little large. I just broke a piece off. Still worked great! And Drug free! Even better! :)

  5. I never tried the suppositories with lavender added. I wanted to tell everyone that is having a hard time clearing the Yeast issue is to make a boric acid suppository and used this the day time then use the lavender, tea tree with coconut oil suppository at night. Drink fresh lemon water and take oil of organo capsules orally with a liquid olive leaf extract. This should clear you. Do this up to two weeks!

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