Possibly the Most Effective Yeast Infection Treatment Ever

Coconut oil, lavender, and tea tree essential oils
Coconut oil, lavender, and tea tree essential oils

Yeast infections.  Most women have had at least one, especially during pregnancy.  I experienced that terribly itching feeling during my pregnancy, and it led me to researching natural treatments, since I generally don’t trust drugstore-variety products.

I learned that coconut oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil are all anti-fungal and anti-yeast, so I decided to make a concoction and see how it worked.  It was amazing!  Instant relief.  I’ve tried a few other natural treatments before, like eliminating sugar, taking probiotics, applying yogurt and/or garlic for their anti-yeast properties, but this one is by far the best and most effective in my opinion.

You will need:

  • Unrefined organic coconut oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Tea Tree essential oil
  • Spoon and small bowl for mixing
  • Fridge or freezer

Test each of these oils on your skin first to make sure you don’t have a reaction, unless you’re a regular user and already know your tolerance.  Tea tree oil is a very potent oil, so please start out with only a couple drops and repeat as necessary, adding more drops as needed.  A tingling sensation is normal, but if you’re sensitive or allergic, it could burn you, and we don’t want that!

In a small bowl, mix about a tablespoon of coconut oil with a few drops of each essential oil.  I started out with only two drops of each, but now that I know my skin is not sensitive to them, I use several drops of each– probably 8-10.  Put the bowl in your fridge or freezer, stirring occasionally to form the oil into a solid clump.  This will make the oil much easier to insert, as coconut oil melts as soon as it comes into contact with skin.  Once your oil blend is a solid, easily insertable clump, remove it from the spoon and use clean fingers to gently insert it into your vagina.  You will want to use a cloth pad or toilet paper to absorb the oil, which will leak out over the next couple hours.  Repeat as necessary.  I found this to be an incredibly potent treatment that relieved the itching immediately, and cured the infection over night.  If you are pregnant or allergic to any of these oils, consult an informed naturopath, midwife, or physician before trying this treatment.


Chilled oil blend
Chilled oil blend

73 thoughts on “Possibly the Most Effective Yeast Infection Treatment Ever

  1. Are you supposed to use the whole clump at once or can this be divided into “doses”. I will be picking up some of these oils so I have on hand during antibiotic treatments.

  2. Thank you for posting this. What also works is garlic, water and coconut oil. I am currently working on washing my sons cloth diapers and removing the yeast.

    I would love to share how to do that on your facebook page but I can not comment or even like any of the posts! I even unliked your page for months to see if it would work. I’m getting tired of it. I can’t message Motherwise either. :( What’s the deal?

    1. Hmm I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to comment, etc. If you had been banned from the page (not saying you were) you’d still be able to message us, so it sounds like it’s just a glitch?

  3. I have tried those three saturated on a tampon, but never like you suggested. I suffer with chronic yeast infections and can’t wait to try this!

    1. Heather D, I used to get them like clockwork every month after my period? ( no medical reason, just period reasons. I checked of course) The first month I used a garlic juice saturated tampon. It takes about three days, but it worked just fine ( you’ll taste garlic for days, but hey..) Then, to combat the itchies, I used plan, unscented plat fiber baby wipes, which I added about 1/4 cup of witch hazel hydrosol with 10 drops each tea tree, lavender and then maybe 1 1/16th teaspoon rose hip oil. I haven’t had a problem since. I don’t even use the garlic anymore.

  4. I am so excited to see this post! I knew about coconut oil having anti-yeast properties. One day it dawned on me to put a layer of plastic wrap over a water bottle friendly ice cube tray and put some coconut oil in a few of the slots. Then I put it in the fridge and when I need to I pop one out break it in half and in it goes! I am very excited to know I can mix essential oils in with it! I will be making a new batch right away with the added power of EO! Thank you! ^_^

  5. I’m so happy to see this post! I knew about the anti-fungal properties of coconut oil and one day it dawned on me how to make a suppository out of it. The way I do it is put plastic wrap over a water bottle friendly ice cube tray. Then spoon the coconut oil in the slots and put it in the refrigerator. The shape of this specific ice cube tray makes perfect long half-cylinder suppositories. The plastic wrap is just to make it easier to pop the oil out when I need to use it. Now that I know EO is safe to use inside the vagina I will gladly make a new batch with these to oils added! Thanks! ^_^

  6. I just tried it. And now I wait. It actually feels like it’s working already, and it feels good for my body. I will keep you posted on the results. :)

    1. Yes, it should! Just be cautious with tea tree on your nipples, and be sure to wipe/wash it off well before breastfeeding. Also you can wash your clothes with vinegar and tea tree oil to get thrush out of fabric.

  7. Are you serious about this method?!!!!!! I have been suffering from yeat since i had my son 7 years ago. I had tried over the counter and prescription drugs. It comes back faithfully during my menstrual. I have taking probiotics with some medium relief. I am going to try this today. I have done others things so, what the hey!

    1. Lavender is also anti-yeast, so it helps similar to the Tea Tree Oil. TTO is very strong, though, and lavender is more gentle, so anyone with skin sensitivity can consider using the lavender alone.

  8. My 90 year old mom has a yeast infection. Hospice nurse prescribed antifungal cream and one diflucan. It’s a little better but still raw. The skin now is peeling..rectum, thighs,etc. I may try this but hope it doesn’t burn. She can’t communicate much anymore because of her Alzheimer’s. Just don’t want to hurt her. Anymore suggestions?

    1. Kim, the coconut oil should be great (unless of course she’s allergic at all), but I would be very cautious with the essential oils, especially the tea tree oil. It is very potent and would probably burn. A drop or two of lavender should be fine, but skip the TTO. Or just use coconut oil plain– it should still be effective. I hope this helps!

      1. Hi Kristen, is this remedy also work for thrush discharge?

        I am suffering from yeast infection for almost a year now, I did not get the itchy feeling, but I keep getting thick and yeasty discharge. I went to gynecologist and GP many times they just gave me the same thing (anti-fungal cream) and it didn’t really cured my problem.

        I actually have all those three oil at home, and really keen to try and see the result.

  9. I read this yesterday, and mixed a teaspoon of coconut oil with 4 drops of tea tree oil… just applied over the itchy area and immediately felt relief!

  10. You can you use refined? I only have refined or fractionated coconut oil on hand. I do have the oils though.

      1. Hi my 3 year old has vaginal thrush and i have all the above ingredients in my press do you think it would be ok to use it on her? She’s red raw and I’ve been using canesten under docs advice but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything for her. She’s even screaming when trying to pee, poor little thing, I’d try anything at this stage. Do u think I should not use the tea tree or maybe just use one drop?

  11. This ABSOLUTELY works!! When spring comes around my allergies flare up something serious forcing me to run to the pharmacy for allergy meds. That lovely little pill flares my candida up. Four years ago I got fed up with my obgyn and just knew there was a better solution that didnt involve spending $20+ for relief. I changed my diet, ate “clean”, and began feverishly surfing the web. I found a slew of natural remedies from garlic, acv, cinnamon oil, coconut oil, and yogurt. I tried every remedy with great results. One of the best was the garlic but its not a soothing remedy. I later began inserting the tea tree oil tampon remedy w/the garlic but again the garlic ran interference and made healing longer even after the yeast died off. Inserting garlic cloves burn…Period!

    Once I decided to stick with the tea tree oil/coconut oil tampon I knew I was home! I didn’t have to go for 6-7 nights iif I caught the first sign of “tingling itch” my regimen would begin. In most cases Im 100% cured in 3 days. The quickness of the healing is also due to me avoiding all sugars, mixing raw organic cranberry juice lemon juice water and drinking a gallon of it a day. I also dice up fresh garlic and sprinkle cayenne pepper to add to my water. Over the years I this method has been full proof. Its such a relief to know how to heal myself w/o running to the doc for everything and being precribed medication that will lead to some other ailment. Ive gone on numerous sites due to my Google searches on ridding yourself of candida/yeast. I can honestly say this one has been the nicest group of commenter’s I’ve encountered. Kudos to you all and happy vaginas! LOL!! :-)

  12. I just mixed up a bowl of this with the refined coconut oil (organic). The mixture wasn’t too runny as we keep the coconut oil in a cool place so it was fairly solid. I added 5 drops of each and mixed it up. I applied it on the outside just to see if it would burn or make the itching worse and actually, I felt instant relief! I then found a clump of it and inserted it. No burning and after about 3-5 minutes the itching had subsided completely. I put the mix I. The fridge and I will use it tomorrow after it has become solid. I will keep you all posted! Thanks for the info, this is great! I am an aromatherapist so i had these oils on hand and I’ve used them individually on other issues but as I know tea tree to be quite potent, I keep it away from sensitive areas. But in this mix, it’s very nice and light. Thank you

  13. Can you do this process during your cycle? I’m on what should be the last couple of days of my cycle, but also just finished an antibiotic, which never fails to give me a miserable yeast infection. I usually get a script from my doctor, which always takes 2 rounds!!! Seems unnecessary & ineffective to me! Anyway, I just hopped on the essential oils wagon and I’m so excited about it. It was my first thought today when the yeast infection finally became unbearable.
    So you think it’s ok to try it while still on my cycle (light) & using a tampon. I see that several actually soak or apply the mixture (or something similar) to a tampon, so that part seems ok.

    Thanks for your help!

  14. I am almost in tears! I suffer from a yeast infection every month like clockwork and it has become quite the headache. I can not wait to try this! I’ve tried just about everything! Thank you!!!

  15. Hi,

    Is this is safe to insert into your vagina if pregnant please? Obviously not pushing too far up?
    I know its always best to check with doc or midwife but to be fair, im losing hope with my GP, they seem to think that prescriptions are great, and natural herbal remedies are works of the devil or something!

    Also, could anyone recommend a good online website to buy essential oils at a good price? I like to go by recommendation knowing where im buying from is safe? Not too expensive?

    1. Hi Kim, I used this during pregnancy, but I can’t officially recommend it. However, I was comfortable with the oils and their safety. And it really is so effective! Frontier co-op, Swanson’s, and Bulk Apothecary have oils for a good price.

    2. Hi Kim~ It ‘s important to use oils that are therapeutic in their constituents and are not cut or adulterated with anything that would dilute them in any way. Young Living oils are what I use and recommend. Here are the links to their Tea Tree Essential Oil and Lavender Oil, too: For the Tea Tree: http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/essential-oils/singles/melaleuca-alternifolia-essential-oil and here is the link for their Lavender: http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/essential-oils/singles/lavender-essential-oil .

      With uncut and unadulterated you will also experience a frequency lift and oils which put the body into a condition to do what it was designed to do which is to self heal.

      When you order essential oils from Young Livng, you will need a member number to complete the order. You may use mine if you like, 1726711, and if you want more information about these oils, please contact me. Many blessings to you <3

  16. I have a reacurring yeast problem and have sense I was young. Its such a relief to know that im not alone. I find this method very effective and affordable. But I was wondering if im having sex durring the treatment( i try to continue it for a few extra days) could kill sperm, or could effect chances of getting pregnant?

  17. I don’t know if I missed it but how often should this be done a day. I did the soak a tampon in co and add tt oil. For an hour twice a day I also put so co on my fingers with one drop of tt just to smooth on the whole vulva area for relief. But I’ve been doing it for three days now and in fact it even seems a bit worse… Not as itchy but more burn when I pee and more discharge. The over the counter meds never worked for me in the past. But I’m dying here. The one time I have sex in a year I end up with a yeast infection days later ugh

    1. You should go to the the doc it may not be yeast. Itching is associated with other things besides yeast. Tee tree oil can irritate sensitive areas so you have to be really careful how you use it. This remedy did not work for me either. I’m back to square one as well.

  18. Thanks so much for this!! If it doesn’t go away completely with the first try, can you do it again the same day?
    Also, do I need to wash my cotton undies in anything special?

    1. I love this! Do you think it will be safe to tie the mixture into the corner of a ziploc bag and then put it in the fridge so that way I will have a nicely formed suppository?

  19. I’ve been looking for a natural yeast infection cure, medications don’t work for me and it’s getting frustrating! I’ve read that oil of oregano is also a good cure, have you tried this? I’m thinking I may have yeast in my intestinal tract as well and want to try some essential oils and probiotics for that as well. If you think lavender and tea are best can you take them in a capsule? Do you recommend a certain brand? Thanks for all the posts and this article I can’t wait to get the the health food store to buy everything!

    1. Oregano will BURN!! I would not recommend it for vaginal insertion. I always dilute oregano a lot, and it still burns. Other hot oils don’t have an effect on me. Peppermint doesn’t bother me, but oregano was awful! Don’t do it!! If you want oregano benefits, the best way is to encapsulate it.

  20. Hi Again,#


    Can I just say THANK YOUUUUU for putting this up on your website, making it easily ‘searchable’ for people like myself… I have struggled with thrush which has affected my confidence, sex life, relationship etc etc for what seems forever and id like to comment on this…

    Can I point out that people like myself who have a PH imbalance due to hormones/pregnancy etc, need to REGULARLY maintain this application daily/every 2 days to keep it at bay in an INSTANT. (check with midwife/gp as normally advised, to be fair, in my case, I seem to know more than them..) PLUS these are all NATURAL ingredients compared to anti biotics, canestan, pessaries etc etc, surely it doesn’t take an einstein to notice this is better than chemically made products!?

    I got all ingredients, quickly rustled it up, and on the second batch I added more lavender (about 6-8drops per 3ish tablespoons of coconut oil, and around 4-5 drops of tea tree as it is stronger) … I went with my gut instinct on this as everyone is different, and judged it by the smell, I didn’t want the tea tree too overpowering)…

    I kept some in the fridge to cool and inserted when needed lying down for 10/15 mins with a towel underneath..

    If I wanted a longer application ‘doing its work’ Id dip a tampon in the ‘liquefied’ recipe and insert, with a panty liner on just in case. You can also quickly rinse a tampon in cold water in order to inflate it a little, to soak up more of the recipe in order to insert.

    I now keep a bowl mixed up in the bathroom liquefied, so I can apply externally/internally whenever I feel a slight ‘itch’ or that ‘ping’ feeling of anything trying to come back…For people like myself this is GREATTTTT… the smell instantly neutralises any odour, and relieves the thrush INSTANTLY. Using a tampon also helps with the cleanliness, I normally remove in an instant if needed, or after a few hours from morning application.

    PLUS, I now keep coconut oil upstairs in the bedroom for ‘you know what’. Its a great lubricant, for me and my fiancé, but use this WITHOUT the essential oils, (for reasons I wont elaborate on) hehe.. As sperm/ your partner in general, can carry thrush without knowing, it can be passed to and fro without you both knowing, so this is ia GREAT way of knocking thrush on the head and living a happy life with a great sex life again!

    1. I have tried lavender oil, coconut oil, tee tree combo. It seemed like it worked but as soon as I stopped it came right back tried yogurt insertion it came right back. Stopped having sex for 3 months just to make sure it was me. And like clock work it came back so started reading and found that I may have a PH IMBALANCE. So thanks for pointing that out many people don’t know that. I know about the PING feeling…..LOL! I have one more thing to try. But I believe you are right you have to consistently use it if several times a week if continues to come back……..I would LOVE to hear more on the PH IMBALANCE and how we would be able to correct the Yeast for a longer Period than just day to day…….Do you think a COLINIC might help

  21. Thank you! I don’t think I have ever had a yeast infection but something sure seems amiss down there, some burning with extra discharge so I am going to try your remedy. I have been on repeated antibiotics and though took probiotics afterwards, maybe not enough. Have just quit smoking after many years so maybe that itself lead to a change in my body chemistry. Anyway, will try this. Thank you.

  22. Hi. Thank you for this post. I am in the process of using this with only refined coconut oil and tea tree oil. I am not feeling as itchy as I was 2 hours ago. Definitely relieved the itching. Will continue this treatment see if it clears it up.

  23. Try putting the tea tree oil, lavender oil, and coconut oil in a glass of orange juice and drink it, if you have recurring infections, it may be INSIDE your gut and intestines, and you need to clean out your whole system. I did this for two days and the vaginal area itchiness cleared up, added the suppository next for a couple days just to be sure my WHOLE BODY was clear of yeast. I feel much better.

  24. I would also suggest taking a spoonful of the oil orally, then you will get it to the gut where the Candida buildup is happening as well. This does work! I’ve had a hideous yeast infection during my juice fast. Too many fruit juices over 2 days. After less than 36 hours, the coconut oil soaked tampon and 2 spoonfuls a day have alleviated it by about 80%. I’m going to try this technique tonight and I wager it will be gone by morning!

    1. I don’t believe so. It’s the properties in Coconut oil specifically. It’s an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

      One thing I’d like to also suggest, it keep doing the suppositories for a few days after symptoms disappear. That Candida is a sneaky devil!

  25. I am like many women in American and I experience yeast infections along with the terrible symptoms several times in one year. The Lady Soma Candida Cleanse does not provide a cure, HOWEVER, it does help with the symptoms especially if you are experiencing itching. You are directed to take 2-4 tablets a day when you have an infection and just take one a day when asymptomatic. I really like Lady Soma stuff because it is all natural, and its the only supplements that didnt upset my stomach and my internal balance. Good luck Jill!

  26. I’m gonna have to practice this! I laid all the ingredients on a small piece of plastic wrap, mixed them, formed a suppository and wrapped it up. I put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Took it out and attempted to insert it. My private part kept spitting it out! LOL!

  27. I am on antibiotics and experiencing my first ever yeast infection. I just made a batch of this and used a syringe to insert it. Very easy and it definitely eased the itching instantly!! Wow!! I will repeat in the morning. I’ve still got a week of amoxicillin left so I expect I will have to keep this up. Thanks so much for posting this!!

  28. As an aromatherapist, I can assure you that “therapeutic grade” and “pharma grade” are nothing more than sales pitches, and the oils from these multi-level marketing companies are overpriced. You can get pure essential oils at Bulk Apothecary or any number of other online sources. Please don’t get sucked in by sales pitches. (The distributors of these oils may not know that these claims are false, nor may they be aware that some of the medical claims that they are taught to make-including cures for cancer and autoimmune disease- are downright illegal.)

  29. I am due in 1 day!! I am so relieved to find this page that has information to deal with yeast infections in a natural way! I just got rid of a yeast infection 2 weeks ago:( . The monastat7 worked for me but it burned real bad and felt like it wasn’t a healthy option during pregnancy…

    I am just wondering how long will this usually take to get rid of the infection? This is day 2 for me using the refined coconut oil and lavender only. How often should I be inserting the solid mixture ? And how many times can I externally apply to my vagina?(for itchiness) Also would you recommend I wait after the baby is born or keep doing it now before she comes! ??

    Thank you

  30. So I did a little experiment.
    I bought an over the counter treatment called Monistat 3, and then I bought the ingredients for this natural remedy.

    I first did the 3 day treatment of the Monistat 3. It would help give me relief for the night, but once the treatment wore off, I was right back to square one. Then it had an anti itch cream to apply twice a day, for SEVEN frickin days! The anti itch creme would help reduce the irritation but it wouldn’t give absolute relief like it said. So I was still in dire need of something to end the misery. If it’s one thing I hate, it’s being constantly uncomfortable.
    So, after my big fat let down of Monistat 3.. I tried the combination of the oils in this pin. I work night shifts at a physically demanding job and the first thing I want to do when I get home is sleep comfortably. I took this remedy, which I had waiting in the freezer, and did so with it as instructed before I even tried getting some sleep. The chilled oils actually felt great! It instantly numbed my lady parts and relieved the burning sensation. After a few minutes I could feel the irritation begin to subside. I passed out because I finally had no discomfort. The next day, I noticed that I wasn’t constantly shifting or trying to get comfortable and escape this yeast attack. I took a bath and actually added the lavender and tea tree oil to it, which helped me relax and just felt like I was getting cleansed that much more thoroughly, if you know what I mean. After the bath, I checked my lady parts just to see if there was any visible evidence that this home remedy was working. Sure enough, instead of being red and obviously irritated.. my privates were back to their happy healthier color and they weren’t irritated to the touch. I could sit down without squirming around trying to make the itching stop! Also ive been noticing a huge decrease in the amount of yeast. Ive never been so happy! A lot of people dont believe in home remedies or natural ones… but try being your own guinea pig and give it a shot! I had my doubts.. I honestly thought this was going to be a joke. But I was proven wrong and I have been educated (:
    Im going to do it again tonight just to kinda double tap it lol

  31. Started itching yesterday. Just dawnned on me today that the itching was due to a possible yeast infection. Searched the net and saw this post. I mixed the CO with 8vdrops of TT and 12 of the Lavender oil. Immediate and Amazing relief. I use EO for pretty much every ailment. My daughter even used Lavender for the initial onset of Strep….cleared it up
    in a matter of 24 hrs (she was not
    consistent with applying it topically to her throat). Thanks for your post.

  32. Started itching yesterday. Just dawnned on me today that the itching was due to a possible yeast infection. Searched the net and saw this post. I mixed the CO with 8 drops of TT and 12 of the Lavender oil. Immediate and Amazing relief. I use EO for pretty much every
    ailment. My daughter even used
    Lavender for the initial onset of
    Strep….cleared it up in a matter of 24 hrs (she was not consistent with applying it topically to her throat). Thanks for your post.

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