5 Perfect Self-Care Gift Ideas for Natural Moms

perfect gift ideas natural moms

Time’s almost up and you don’t have anything for the crunchy mama in your life. Here are five holiday gift ideas that will delight any natural mom.

Shopping for others as a natural mom can be fun — eco-friendly toys for the kids, healthy homemade treats for the fam, luxurious natural products for friends.

But what to get for the crunchy mama? Here are five awesome gift ideas sure to please any natural parent.

1. The gift of self-care.

Self-care is essential! Body work, nutritional counseling, emotional or spiritual work might be the greatest gift a mother can receive. Parenting can be stressful, and we hold much of that stress in our bodies. Find a local massage therapist and get mom a gift certificate. Or choose from the following online options for wellness guidance, including some incredibly gifted and empowering women who offer invaluable services to help mothers find their way:

  • Crystal Franco offers online intuitive counseling, distance energy work, nutritional support, and birth work. She also offers mandala coloring books for adults, which include gentle parenting mantras. The perfect gift for natural mamas!
  • Erin Stephanie offers Self Care Mama options online, which include Intuitive Healing, Energy Work, and Guidance Coaching Sessions. She says, “Opportunities for deeper connection are endless when your capacity for nourishing yourself is made a priority.”
  • Audrie El-amin supports natural moms via nutrition counseling for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding.
  • Wholistic Woman supplies all natural tea blends specifically for women, as well as distance childbirth education.
  • Wildtree is a food service which has all natural and organic freezer meal workshop kits and food, plus an online grocery store that delivers right to your door!
  • Little Brown Sparrow Co. offers essential oil kits, hydrosols, bodycare, salves, and balms for the luxurious natural mama!

2. Handmade anything.

One of the sweetest gifts I’ve ever received was a simple picture of my first child in a Santa hat, inserted into a Christmas tree ornament frame. So cute and sentimental — and easy! Check out these 8 adorable DIY ornament options, or look at your local craft store or drugstore for some last-minute options. Find some local beeswax to make homemade beeswax candles. Buy organic spices in bulk to make healthy DIY taco seasoning. Get some coconut oil and a couple other natural oils to make homemade whipped body butter. The options for handmade gifts are endless!

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3. Coupons for personal time.

As busy moms, we can have a hard time taking time out for ourselves. And if you’re anything like me, when you do have some free time, it’s difficult to decide what to do first. Enter coupons crafted especially for mom!

Some examples include, “Take yourself out for coffee,” “Take a long walk in nature,” “Sit down and read a book,” “Make time for friends,” “I will do the dishes this week” — anything that will encourage mom to take time for herself. Put the coupons in an envelope, booklet, or jar for mom to choose from whenever she needs so me-time.

4. Healthy-ish treats.

Mmm, treats! I love the sweet stuff of life, but so often the holidays are shrouded in junk food. But did you know that many grocery stores have a “natural” section, and most include some kind of yummy treats? Organic chocolate comes to mind. If you know a candy-loving natural mama, depending on your local grocery store, you might even be able to find organic, dye-free lollipops, jelly beans, and more. Compile a fancy gift basket of natural treats. Mama Bee Chocolates is a great option if you have time to order online.

5. The “Things I Love About You” Jar.

Have you heard of this? Thanks to Pinterest, the latest thing is to create a jar full of slips of paper, each piece, listing a quality you love about this natural mama. What a sweet, thoughtful gift for anyone!

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Happy holidays to you and the natural mamas in your life!


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