About MotherWise

I started MotherWise as a Facebook page in 2012 as a way to encompass a number of important parenting issues. It quickly evolved into a blog, because I have a lot to say! My desire is to change the world in a positive way. I believe we can do this through our parenting choices and life choices, by raising our own consciousness and making choices based in wisdom and love.

The research on breastfeeding shows that children will be healthier overall if more babies receive breast milk, but there are systemic barriers in place which prevent breastfeeding success. The research on gentle discipline shows that we can literally change the future through the way we choose to parent our children, but parents need to be able to heal their own childhood trauma and learn gentle parenting skills to achieve this. Babywearing, cosleeping, and attachment parenting all have documented benefits for both parent and child. We have the potential to change our world through our parenting choices. 

This doesn’t only consist of parenting topics like breastfeeding and babywearing, but rather an entirely new consciousness, including awareness, compassion, and dismantling the systems in our society that lead to racism, sexism, classism, ableism, and more.

I believe political activism is an important part of parenthood. Taking a radical approach to confronting the systems of inequality and dedicating our lives, and our parenthood, to bettering our world is an essential part of ensuring a better world for our children to thrive in.  I regularly deal with super scary words like “racism” and “feminism;” my goal is to help educate people in my community to learn more about these issues.

With that in mind, the MotherWise approach to parenting includes not only information about breastfeeding, but how breastfeeding rates can be increased amongst women of color.

Rather than solely disseminating information on natural, physiological birth, I aim to shed light on empowered birth, regardless of where it happens (including gentle c-section information), as well as dismantling the systemic barriers that women of color and low-income women face regarding safe birth.

When I talk about healthy eating and real food, it is not only in a body-positive way, but also acknowledging issues like food deserts and the lack of options for low-income people. This applies to “greening” your household as well. Many of us want non-toxic household cleaners and beauty/body product options, but we need to include affordable options for low-income people.

Part of my awareness of these issues comes from my time spent as a low-income single parent. I have also been through a domestic abuse situation, and it has furthered my advocacy for women and healthy families.

There is a social justice component to every element of MotherWise, because it is the best option we’ve got for changing the world for our children. Join us for the MotherWise revolution!