13 Healthy Holiday Recipes That Won’t Make You Feel Like Crap!

healthy holiday recipes

Many people view the holidays as a time for indulging.

A huge Thanksgiving plate, a pile of Christmas cookies, Easter basket goodies — the opportunities for treats are endless.

The discussion of healthy eating during the holidays is often met with shock and awe. It’s just once a year! Why would anyone want healthy holiday recipes? Why not indulge? Live a little!

But not everyone has that luxury.

For a child with food sensitivities, or a person on a healing journey, or someone following the autoimmune protocol diet, taking a day off and sampling the goods can be disastrous to their health. And some of us just feel a whole lot better when we’re eating fresh, unprocessed, low-sugar foods!

Whether you’re suffering from an illness impacted by food, or you’re simply looking for healthier recipes, the good news is that there are delicious options that aren’t laden with sugar, additives, or processed ingredients. Healthy holiday recipes do exist!

Check out the recipes below to find a healthier twist on your favorite holiday classics!


healthy holiday recipes dinner rolls


1. Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls from Paleo Spirit 

These fluffy dinner rolls are paleo-friendly and perfect for sopping up excess gravy.


healthy holiday recipes green bean casserole


2. Green Bean Casserole from The Urban Poser

A healthy, delicious twist on the classic green bean casserole with GAPS, paleo, and vegan options.


healthy holiday recipes stuffing


3. Grain-Free Thanksgiving Stuffing from Against All Grain

This gluten-free and grain-free stuffing is made with almond flour for a bread-like consistency.


healthy holiday recipes sausage stuffing


4. Caramelized Onion and Sausage Stuffing from PaleOMG 

Made with pork sausage, yams, and mushrooms, you won’t miss the bread from this flavorful stuffing.


healthy holiday recipes sweet potatoes


5. Rosemary Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Onions from Garnish with Lemons

This simple, flavorful recipe will make a tasty side dish.


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healthy holiday recipes turkey


6. Turkey Roasted with Duck Fat from Primal Palate

This is a traditional Thanksgiving turkey with a special twist.


healthy holiday recipes gluten-free gravy


7. Best Ever Turkey Gravy from Jane’s Healthy Kitchen

This delicious gravy is gluten-free!


healthy holiday recipes cranberry sauce


8. Cranberry Sauce from Cook Eat Paleo

A must-have dish, without all the extra sugar; this cranberry sauce is sweetened with honey.


healthy holiday recipes pecan brittle


9. Chewy Pecan Brittle from PaleOMG 

Made with honey, maple syrup and coconut cream, this sweet dessert uses natural sugars instead of refined.


healthy holiday recipes pecan pie

10. Clean Eating Pecan Pie from Feel Great in 8 

This pecan pie is gluten-free and sweetened with maple syrup and coconut sugar for a protein-packed lower sugar option.


healthy holiday recipes pumpkin pie


11. The Healthiest Pumpkin Pie Around from Strength and Sunshine

This recipe has an option for those who are entirely sugar-free, using only stevia and the pumpkin’s natural sweetness.

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healthy holiday recipes apple pie


12. Healthy Apple Pie Recipe from OM Livin’ 

Classic and delicious, this apple pie recipe can be made with a gluten-free crust, and is sweetened with maple syrup and orange juice.


healthy holiday recipes pie crust


13. Paleo Pie Crust from Elana’s Pantry

Give your pie some extra protein to offset the sugar by making a paleo pie crust. This simple recipe calls for almond flour and only three other ingredients.

Share your favorite healthy holiday recipes below!

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