Ellen Degeneres Creates Inclusive Children’s Clothing Line

American clothing retailer, Gap, and comedian/talk show host Ellen Degeneres have teamed up to create an inclusive clothing line, featuring clothing choices for children who don’t wish to be boxed into the common options: pink and purple hearts and rainbows for girls; blue and black skulls and flames for boys, with little variation in between.

The line, named GapKids x ED, features a wide variety of colors, comfortable clothing, and fun graphics like stars, lightening bolts, and skateboards, and sentiments like, “Creative,” “Dance,” and “Be Your Own Hero.”

GapKids x ED describes itself as “a collaboration dedicated to supporting girls just as they are, whether they skateboard or dance, wear dresses or jeans, build forts or paint rainbows, or everything in between. We encourage girls everywhere to take pride in what makes them unique.”

As the evidence mounts showing that forcing stereotypical gender roles on children can be unhealthy — leading to girls who think they can’t do science and must play dumb to be found attractive, and boys who think emotional intelligence is a sign of weakness and violence is the answer — having more options for children who appreciate alternative style is a great way to empower kids. On the heels of Target’s choice to remove their gendered “Girl Lego” signs from their toy aisle, it’s clear that more corporations are starting to hear what parents are saying: our children are unique individuals, and strictly pink and blue doesn’t cut it anymore!

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