Possibly the Most Effective Yeast Infection Treatment Ever

Possibly the Most Effective Yeast Infection Treatment Ever

An easy, at-home remedy for yeast infections.

Yeast infections are the worst! Most women have had at least one during their life. This simple oil concoction can help.

Note: using essential oils internally is a controversial topic. With that in mind, I’m not advising you on what to do. I’m simply telling you what worked for me when I was desperate. Talk to a trusted healthcare professional about your options! 

Yeast overgrowth is commonly due to an imbalance of good and bad bacteria. Coconut oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil are beneficial antifungal and antibacterial oils, so I decided to make a concoction and see how it worked. It was amazing! Instant relief.  I’ve tried a few other natural treatments before, like eliminating sugar, taking probiotics, applying yogurt or garlic for their anti-yeast properties, but this one is by far the best and most effective in my opinion.

I used:

I used high quality oils (no additives, fillers, fragrances — I prefer Aroma Foundry for affordable quality oils). I tested each of these oils on my skin first to make sure I didn’t have a reaction. Tea tree oil is a very potent oil, so I used caution and didn’t apply it neat — I mixed it with coconut oil first. After skin testing, I made the mixture.

In a small bowl, I mixed about two tablespoons of coconut oil with one drop of tea tree oil and three drops of lavender oil.  I ended up adding a few more drops of each essential oil to make the concoction more potent, since I tolerate these oils well. The genitals are sensitive mucous membranes though, so I was very cautious and only added one drop at a time, then retested my skin before adding more.

After mixing the oils together, I put the bowl in my freezer, stirring the mixture regularly to shape the oil into a solid clump. This made the oil easier to insert, since coconut oil melts as soon as it comes into contact with skin. Once the oil blend froze into a solid, easily insertable clump, I used clean fingers to gently insert it into my vagina. I used a cloth pad to absorb the oil, which leaked out over the next couple hours.

I found this to be an incredibly potent treatment that relieved the itching immediately, and cured the infection overnight. Hooray!

Consult a trusted healthcare professional before trying this treatment.

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  1. Hiii!
    I’m so glad I found this information. I have a question though: did the itching/burning ever get worse before it got better, using this method? I also got some homeopathic pills from the health food store, but I began using your “concoction” yesterday, too. It makes total sense to me, and it’s the exact sort of solution I believe in. Thanks!

  2. Well that was a little messy but really helped and provided some immediate relief. I’ve also had much success with a similar recipe using a douche made of yogurt, water, lavender and tea tree oils (from the book Herbs for Health and Healing by Kathi Keville)

  3. I love this. I had some immediate relief of the itching and some of the burning. Did you ever use this for longer than one day? I may not have used enough of the oils my first night

  4. Is this true? I find this wonderful. Been looking for efficient yeast infection treatment that is wise and affordable. I hope this is the one I am looking for.

  5. Hey there!!! I just put this mix in (after leaving in fridge overnight) and it’s 11:58am. Will it be OK to use this method again tonight while I sleep so it stays in all night? Thanks! Xo

  6. Could I skip the freezer part and add some of the mixture to a syringe and insert like a yeast infection cream?

  7. I tried this concoction an hour ago and already feel relief! How long do I need to wait between applications? I’m wanting to do it again tonight while I’m laying down. Is that too soon?

  8. I believe that should work, yes. Just remember to use panty liners of some kind, as the liquid will come back out! Laying down should help. Part of the benefit of freezing it is that it stays solid inside of you for longer, vs leaking right out.

  9. Trying this out today… so far, so good! It beats having to go to the doctor and taking an antibiotic medicine. Thank you for the info!

  10. Has anyone ever used this remedy while pregnant?? I am 22 weeks and am experiencing my first ever yeast infection, I love using my oils whenever possible however I am cautious while pregnant.

  11. I haven’t used it during pregnancy, and I can’t recommend it. But I do wonder how it compares to other conventional treatments during pregnancy… I’d feel more comfortable with it being primarily coconut oil with a drop or two of lavender, vs. the tea tree oil (which is more harsh).

  12. Do NOT put Theives in your vagina! There are hot oils in there and that will NOT feel good, and only cause more problems.

  13. This is what I did. Worked amazingly well. I also froze this concoction in small oval shaped ice molds and used them that way. More messy but worked effectively.

  14. When I read this story I realized just how similar it was to my condition. I suffered through a severe case of vaginal yeast infection that would not let up. The itching, burning and swelling of my labia were simply unbearable. Drugs, creams and lotions are designed to tackle the symptoms of yeast infections, not the real cause. This is why most conventional treatments for candida infection which work as a temporary band aid solution, fail to work in the long run. Even probiotic therapy which is considered an alternative, natural treatment that re-establishes the balance between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria in your digestive tract, fails to work in the long run simply because the root cause of Candida infection is still ignored. I don’t use drugs or creams anymore to bring me through the nightmare of yeast infections that was my reality for too long! The constant itching and rashes that sometimes continued for months are completely gone. Among the things that helped me out was the information on this website: http://www.journalofnaturalhealth.com/yeastinfection
    Hope it helps anyone reading this!

  15. That’s what I do–with an organic, non-applicator tampon. I put about a teaspoon of coconut oil in my hands and then mix in 4 drops of thieves oil and 4 of tea tree, and then coat the tampon with this before inserting. I also do this to feel fresh towards the end of my cycle–works great! I rarely find the thieves too “hot” so long as it’s diluted, but use caution, because we are all different! However, I may replace it with lavender and see how that goes! ?

  16. I don’t have tea tree oil but I have young living purification oil can I use this

  17. I’m 34wks pregnant. Coconut oil is great to cure because it is natural. Natural is the best way to go, especially during pregnancy. I make little coconut oil balls in the morning, about 7 to last thru the week, nd just pop them in the freezer and before bed pop one in. It really is effective like I was surprised.

  18. I can’t advise you specifically, but I would use coconut oil because of its antibacterial properties. If there’s no way I could get coconut oil, I suppose I’d use olive oil in a bind.

  19. Hi all!
    I was searching for something to help with my problem and my mom , found this website.
    Thank GOD for you, you’re an answer to prayer.
    I did have some of the things you were talking about, but I did use vinegar and lemon grass, lavender and Eucalyptus with water and was soothing,the itching and pain stop
    What I used was 1/2 tsp of vinegar 3 drops lemon grass, 2drops lavender and 1drop Eucalyptus and the rest water and use it to touch with. HAPPY CAMPER!?

  20. have been reading about candida for the past 2 hours now as i have had recurrent episodes and currently in the middle of one. I was feeling really fed up with how sore i am today and looked up natural remedies and came across this one. I had all the ingredients so rushed upstairs made the mix and wow, yes immediate relief from the soreness and itching. Going to put the rest in freezer and use later. ill try this over the next few days. Thanks so much

  21. I’ve put some thieves oil in my bath with some raw apple cider..after reading this and I’m sitting in my bath I’m panicking!! ..nothings burning though and maybe mixed I with the bath it isn’t so bad. I’m definitely gonna try this though…for me it’s a new relationship and over eager on the sex especially not having it for so long. I will find a balance!! Thank you again!!

  22. I have melaleuca, is this the same as Tea Tree Oil? I used a lavender-melaleuca blend with instant relief and have re-applied about 3 times a day when itching gets uncomfortable, day 2 and I can tell it’s almost gone, I will probably keep applying at least around the outside and inner labia for a few more days to keep it away. But seriously so nice and so much more relief than over the counter drugs. The melaleuca has that nice tingly-cooling effect.

  23. Sweet RELIEF!!! I used Monistat 1 yesterday morning and this morning it felt like it was a million times worse!!! I used this as instructed and also added 1 drop of oregano oil. I did this a few minutes ago and already have major burn and itch relief!
    TIP: If you are in desperate need of instant relief and don’t want to wait for it to set up in the freezer try this. Mix everything up in a shot glass (or another very small glass). Put it in the middle of a bowl and surround it with ice. Sprinkle some salt over the ice and add enough cold water to go slightly above the level of the oils in your shot glass. Try gently spinning the ice around the glass and stir as it sets up. It was ready in just a minute or two!

    Thank you so much for this remedy!!!

  24. Can it be used without lavender oil? I only have tea tree and coconut oil… im also 30 weeks pregnant

  25. I used Thieves once. I add it to my drinking water and baths often, so I figured I would be fine. However, it was so intense and painful Down South as it shot up my insides that I ended up crying on my bathroom floor in the fetal position. I shall never put it down there again.

    I WILL SAY, though, that after the terrible experience with Thieves and after the pain wore off, my yeast infection was, well, gone! It just took the cauterizing Thieves to do it.

  26. I know this is a very late response… But I would NOT use purification EO it is a blend and has lemongrass in it… Ask someone on your team or ask in a FB group if anyone has tea tree that you can replace with your next order!! Good luck! Toni

  27. Last week I was at an event (walking lots) and wore the wrong panties and now I have a rash that is very raw and tender on the outter lip. I tried some over the counter stuff but it seem to make it more ra. Last night I use lavender YLEO and sweet almond oil… It’s better today. I’m going to try the tea tree, lavender and coconut oil today.
    Thanks for all the great information

  28. After endless searches for months on how to combat yeast infections I’ve finally come across your page and I’m desperate. Thankfully I have all the ingredients, lavender, melaleuca, and coconut oil. I have slathered as much of this concoction as I could onto the end of a tampon and inserted it, wearing a pad for extra oil leakage protection. The remaining bit is in the freezer to be used tomorrow as needed. After all the comments here I’m very hopeful this will work for me too.

  29. I really want this to work, but it hasn’t for me. How long did it take for your infection to go away. Thanks!

  30. I apologize in advance for the novel I’m about to write, but am desperate for some answers, or input from others who may be able to empathize or share their experiences.
    I am seeing my GP tomorrow, but I started with what felt like a yeast infection on Christmas Day. I haven’t had a yeast infection in over 10 years! I turned 40 this year and am feeling many (not so great) changes in my body and health.
    I used Monistat 1 that evening. After a few days I experienced some relief and thought I was on the mend. Yesterday it got much worse and today is unbearable! I’m questioning whether this is, in fact, a yeast infection or something more serious. My cycle, which is now somewhat irregular, should start in the next 3-5 days. I’ve had flank pain/discomfort, particularly on my right side, for over a week. I went to the ER for it on Dec. 28. I have bilateral kidney stones, but none that appeared to be blocking or causing problems with my urinaty tract. I’ve had them before so I know the excruciating pain when they pass!!! Has anyone had flank/back pain with their yeast infections? I’m not noticing much discharge, just major redness, some swelling and major itching and some pain. Thank you in advance for any insight you may be able to offer. God bless!

  31. Yes, this is called a healing crisis and is very common. Rule of thumb – for every year that a condition has been present, it will take 3 months to correct that condition. From acne to yeast…

  32. That is amazing. I am suffering since 20 December, and saw the doctor 10 days ago. I used creams and pill for a week, and they didn’t help. I heard about coconut properties before but was skeptical. Well, once you are desperate, you start to try different things. I want to say THANK YOU!!! I had instant relief after using tea tree oil and coconut oil on my pants, and after that first test, I tried it freezed, and oh my God, the discomfort, itch, redness and pain subsided. It is 90% better. That is crazy how something simple can be more effective than medicines. You live, you learn. Keeping Spreading the true, girl!!

  33. I was just at the Dr today for the same thing I have very bad back pain so I thought it was a uti. But Dr said the test came back negative and it was a yeast infection. This is my first infection that has been in my lower back. The Dr did say it is pretty comments.

  34. You’ve had your baby by now, but for future pregnant women reading this. Do not use tea tree oil as a suppository if you are pregnant. It was an option for me as a treatment for Strep B positive at 37 weeks, but about 30 minutes after I used it, my bag of waters prematurely ruptured. I love the oil option, just not tea tree when preganant.

  35. So you insert the frozen concoction with your hands, similar to inserting a tampon? Just want to make sure I get it right, I need to try this!

  36. I tried mixing some tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus oil and some aloe Vera gel. Its helping relieve the itching and burning sensation.

  37. O. M. G!! I cannot tell you how excited I was to find this post. I’ve had labia itching for almost a year! I had gone to my PCP who said it was a yeast infection and she gave me a 2 day antibiotic….it worked for mainly a day or 2 and then the itching started back up. I’ve been using a topical cream ever since which sometimes helps, other times it did nothing to help the itch. Tried this this morning (I was desperate to try it), didnt freeze it up just glob globbed it onto a tampon and left it in for a couple of hours. I have been itch free all day!!! ALL DAY! I still have some left over that I refrigerated this morning so will try it over night. Thankfully I’ve become obsessed with EO so I had everything on hand. THANK YOU!

  38. Does it not make your insides freeze? Read thru the comments and didn’t see anyone mention it. I would think it would be so cold it would be uncomfortable? Just wondering!

  39. OH HOLY No More Itch!!
    A couple of years ago I found out about the amazing things coconut oil can do and have since used it for so many health and beauty applications I couldn’t list them.. Too many to remember.
    I have used it too cure a yeast inf. a couple times but this time the coconut oil wasn’t working fast enough, it would help for a short time but that’s it.. ( although in coconut oils’ defense I think my current jar is a not as high quality as I usually have on hand) but I digress….I got a jar of my regular brand this evening , then found this post, mixed some up and the intense relief was HEAVENLY!!!! You are my hero Kristen Tea!!
    I have used EO for a UTI and many other things but for whatever reason I had never thought of mixing them in coconut oil!!
    You should get an award or the “Best Idea Ever” prize.. Something …
    My husband thanks you too!! no waiting it out while this cure works its magic ! 😉

  40. I read this mixture helps too if you add the oils to a tampon, and wear it for a couple of hours. Has anyone tried?

  41. This is the second night I’ll try it, yesterday it was burning so much I understand is normal because the yeast will disappear.
    Girls how long you sugesr using the oils 2 nights o more ?
    Thank you

  42. I fell better after using it 3 nights but is not completely gone? I wonder for how long I have to uses it. For how long you use it?

  43. Nix the tampon…put coconut mis in freezer 20 min…and place inside…wow. cooling and relieving..AMAZING

  44. Everyone should have tea tree oil and lavender and coconut oil in every medicine cabinet across the world! But for the true oilman, if you happen to have chamomile oil or rosemary, you can also mix coconut oil, a few drops of rosemary and chamomile oils and give a really good rub in all over the labia area for immediate itch relief. The chamomile is so soothing. Intense itch can make you feel like you’re about to lose your mind! I’ve been using oils for years for this issue, I’m extremely sensitive down there and any thing can trigger a reaction, I’m talking about anything with artificial fragrance, even the wrong toilet paper can make me itch like a mad woman. Tea tree oil has been my best friend for years. This last time though, I used toilet paper from Sam’s club at the same time that I had washed with a cleanser that I THOUGHT was all natural olive oil soap, I read it twice and failed to see the word fragrance on the ingredients. It was like a 5 alarm fire. My entire southern region was on high alert. So so so stupid! This time however the tea tree with coconut oil alone didn’t do the trick, I started to wonder if I had become resistant to tea tree oil. I pulled out the big guns, melaluca t40-c3, mixed with liquid coconut oil… no lasting relief. This is what led me to do more research. I found this site along with the info for rosemary and chamomile, I only had the rosemary on hand, I’ve since added chamomile. What I’ve learned through this, is if you really plan to go all natural, you’ve got to make sure that you have a good oil selection of oils on hand. Side note, I do not buy doterra or young living oils as I find the mark up to be astronomical. I buy very high quality oils though, there are lots of good companies out there. I’ve done tons of research. I HAVE bought oils from the big two, but when I am filling my oils supply and stocking up I have had to buy elsewhere. Essential oils are amazing. Life changing.

  45. I use now while pregnant and I’m ok. I’m 27 weeks. Maybe for you was just a coincidence? Hmm:(

  46. 37 weeks is not premature… and its a completely normal time to go into labor…..

  47. HELP!!!!!!!
    I think I have Candida on my skin. I have never had a vaginal yeast infection in my life. I am 36. i suppose I have been lucky. ANYWAY — I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and was prescribed birth control pills for the always present pain. they helped enormously, HOWEVER, I have been ITCHING OH SO BAD around the area of my c-section scar. It itches so bad at times it hurts!!! I was told to get monistat cream and apply it, it went away but it always seems to come back. I have applied plain tea tree oil to the area, it helped but it came back.
    I’m hopefully because this got rid of all the posters’ yeast infections…im hoping it will do the same for me for a skin yeast infection!!!!!
    Do I just apply this topically to my skin in the area?? and can I increase the amounts of E.O. since I’m applying this to my skin? I itch so bad I’m ready to just put on straight essential oils to the area in hopes that the itch will go away!!! someone–please help me out!! pretty please!!

  48. Your insides are so warm that it almost instantly melts the frozen coconut oil. Insert quickly, Laying down, with a paper towel underneath yourself( for when the oil melts). I do this at night before bed.

  49. I would add the eo’s to emu oil in this case for the deep penetration and moisturizer

  50. I’m allergic to lavender .. any other options or just do tea tree and coconut oil

  51. Thank you soooo much! This was amazing.

    I actually also found my bottom was super itchy too (argh) so froze a little ball along with a larger one. Before going to bed, I used the larger one like a tampon & inserted the the smaller up my rectum. I woke up in the morning with mostly all symptoms gone.

    Don’t forget to use a light pad before going to bed.

  52. Can this be used topically? My itching and burning are on the outside of my vagina.

  53. Thank you for this and a tweak to share! I haven’t had an infection in long enough that I didn’t recognize the symptoms until a few days later when it had progressed to ‘drive you crazy and keep you up all night’. When you mentioned melaleuca oil, I suddenly remembered I had some Melaleuca’s water soluble Nature’s Cleanse. I added some lavender oil to that within a few minutes… SIGH!

    But that’s not my tweak. I made up the blend in the article so I could use it overnight, and was trying for figure a way to make it less messy and convenient to ‘apply’. This is what I came up with… Do you have any of those big 3/8″ smoothie straws, or have any straws saved from your bubble tea? I took a big straw, pinched the end shut, and sealed it with Scotch tape, making sure it couldn’t leak, After an mixed the blend, I spooned it into the straw and tapped it down. Using a drinking glass to keep it upright, I put it in the freezer.

    Because it was so thin, the mixture hardened very quickly. To use it, I just applied pressure at the base and squeezed a column of the hardened blend out. I broke off about 3 inches, and slid it in. Repeat to use more. Minimum mess and easy to use!

  54. I had the same problem and after much frustration and months of expensive treatments I tried an anti fungal cream(think athletes foot) and it was gone in 2 days. So I made a natural version which was the original posted recipe above with a few added drops of chamomile & oregano oil

  55. How about grapeseed oil? I have a blend for this but I used grapeseed instead.

  56. OMG
    I felt the onset this morning after a mild UTI yesterday. I mixed the oils in a Tampon and have had INSTANT relief. I have frozen the rest of the recipe for this evening to use before bed. A million Thankyou’s!

  57. I did not even freeze it i jis rub it on the outer vagina walls an i guess the healing properties enter the inside of the vagina
    This reallu works

  58. Yes i use it that way indeed instant relief. I repeated it for a next 2 days just to make sure

  59. Same coconut oil drop.of tea tree drop of lavender an apply around the vagina. I did that
    Also when d outer area is a little dry i used that method as well it works for me an continue to work
    Love all of you this site is great

  60. Well it depends how bad your infection is
    You should try it for abt 3 nights straight

  61. She is amazing this combination really works thank u so much kristian your name is really holly you are god sent

  62. So happy I came across this post! I’m always a bit skeptical when I hear or read about quick remedies because they seem too good to be true (and usually are). But after reading all of the positive comments here, and how desperate I was to kick this yeast infection, I decided to give it a go. I felt relief instantly and by morning I saw dramatic improvement! Thank you for sharing- it was a life saver!!

  63. Where do you buy the quality oils that are not so expensive? Is there a brand name?

  64. Hello,
    I hope someone replies to this. I have had a yeast infection for the last 3 months and I have tried going back to my doctor over and over again. Yesterday was my first day trying it and although I have noticed some symptom relief, the infection is still there. In fact, by now I feel almost the same way I did before. So in general, the symptoms only disappeared in the morning and came back right now. If your treatment was successful, how long did you do it for? I am currently using coconut oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil. Thank you!

  65. Sorry, when I said “Yesterday was my first day trying it ” I meant that it was my first day trying the oil treatment mentioned on this page.

  66. Did it go away all the way? I am trying this method now after having an infection for 3 months.

  67. I read from another site that lavender oil was antifungal and I have different carrier oils. A few days ago I noticed itching, swelling, nasty yeast infection which has been probably 10 years since I had one, not this severe though. I decided to take gauze pads soaked in sovereign silver, coconut oil and a few drops of lavender oil, folded up and inserted into vagina for at least a half hour. I bought the stupid twenty dollar Monistat one day insert with the seven day cream prior to trying this. No relief whatsoever. Thank God for forums and info like this because I don’t know what we would do if pharmaceutical poisons were the only place to turn. The silver and oils have had an immediate effect on symptoms and just doing this a few times a day for 2 days has reduced the discharge dramatically and swelling.

  68. Hi Ally, did you find relief from this recipe? Totally hear what you’re going through, so frustrating 🙁

  69. Did you use with or without applicator. I’ve been having trouble inserting after soaking

  70. I just simply washed my fingers and inserted the tea tree oil directly into the vagina rubbing the vaginal walls. Yes the first application was itchy at first, but the second was relieving. I tried to remove any vaginal discharge first before applying. Worked fine for me.

  71. Also, making it cool helps to heal. If you apply warmth to your vagina, even when using warm/hot water in the shower, it could irritate it more. Coolness, (not cold) can relieve the itching and help heal faster. Lavender is good for inflammation. It can ease the itchiness as well because it’s a calming agent. Tea Tree kills bacteria.

  72. I use this method freely. Whenever I pee basically. The more you apply, the faster you’ll heal, I find. The key word is, consistency.

    But when I was in my 20’s many years ago, I went on a sugarfree, ferment-free, and any heavy foods that way me down free diet, and drank lots
    and lots of water. I did this for 2 weeks and it was gone. Back to my routine after that.

  73. What do you mean when you said, “Young Living” oils are astronomical.
    Anything wrong with that? I heard it was the best. I heard that anyway.

    What really good quality oils name brand do you recommend? Are they better than the ‘astronomical’ ones?

  74. Even though the swelling had gone down a bit, I was itching like mad at night from a yeast infection.. my first dreadful experience with this, and I just could not get any relief! I was prescribed a cream which after use for 3 nights, did not work. After another sleepless night I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to try tea tree oil.

    I was a bit hesitant as I already had a bottle that I used for inhalation only, when I had the flu, and just by the smell you know it is potent stuff. I searched the internet and came across a simple application method (as did not want to put anything up the jay just yet).

    Not sure if this will work for you but it saved me. I had a quick shower to clean myself first. I put 1/2 teaspoon of tea tree oil in 1/2 cup warm water and stirred. Now yes the oil kinda sits on top of the water obviously, so probably best to use a water soluble version. But this was all I had. I then used several cotton balls dipped in the solution (squeeze out excess water) and gently but firmly apply/rub around everywhere. I did insert just inside the vagina as could feel the itch there too.

    The feeling overall is like your mouth after a fresh mint..it didn’t burn but was really fresh. If it had burned I would not have continued. But My God. Instant relief. Literally instant. I used about 8 cotton balls in total and then left it for 15 minutes. I then jumped in the shower and rinsed it off.

    Afterwards I made a salt bath using warm water. I used iodinized salt as was all I had, but prob better to use natural sea salt. I plunked myself in. At first there is a weird sensation but then relief. I washed my hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap first, and very gently rubbed around the area to make sure the salt water was getting everywhere and inside too. I sat there for 10-15 mins. I got out gently patted area dry then used a couple to a few drops of jojoba oil and applied to the area as well as the anus to moisturise. Jojoba oil is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic. Or so they say. That night I slept so well and the itchiness never returned. I did the same method the next day as well to be sure.
    Everyone is different so I am only sharing my experience, it may not be a fix for you. I actually couldn’t believe this worked, all that money going towards prescriptions…that couldn’t do what tea tree oil, water and salt did for me. 🙂

  75. This was a Godsend. Thank you so much. I have an applicator from a box of monostat. I froze the mixture, scooped it in the applicator and inserted the mixture. Worked great, no mess. THANK YOU for this amazing remedy.

  76. So glad I found this post!

    This worked like a charm after 2 days. Can’t thank you enough, lifesaver!!

  77. ?Hallelujah! ?Hallelujah!?It worked for my infection almost instantly after I’d already taken TWO Diflucan pills 2 weeks before. The vaginal pain had come back with an angry vengeance. The Tea Tree, Lavender, and Coconut Oil felt like heaven!!! There was absolutely ZERO pain associated with the oils. I can not believe I’ve dealt with these things off and on for 43 years! Thank you so very much for sharing this miracle. Thank You Father for providing us with such a simple and thorough CURE.

  78. I was getting ready to hit a diflucan regimine soon, as I cannot get these things under control. I was beginning to think I might be diabetic, they are constant. I read that if over the counter stuff doesnt work, diflucan wont either, because you may have a drug resistant strain. Im going to try this first, im desperate. Thank you for your post here.

  79. That website link brought me to a very lengthy video selling something. Its a scam. Not nice.

  80. I have a severe case of thrush caused by Candida Glabrata, which is not as common as Candida Albicans. About 3 weeks ago I began inserting boric acid in a capsule every night for two weeks. I used Young Living hand sanitizer externally am and pm. This burns for a few seconds, after which comes great relief from the itching caused by infection discharge. Most posts I read said not to use boric acid for more than 2 weeks. Then I found this blog and I used above recipe internally for around 10 nights, with Young Living Claraderm externally one night, then above mixture the next night, and so on. Im still going as infection is not clear yet, however itch and discharge are well under control. There is a brilliant website called optimal health which has a heap of information on how to make and use essential oils in anal and vaginal suppositories. There I found different recipes for vaginal thrush suppositories and they say to use alternate essential oil combinations for several weeks until infection has completely cleared. I make the suppositories in ice cube trays which are circular and have a rubber base to make it easier to pop the suppositories out. You freeze them and you have them ready for whenever you need them. Frozen coconut oil/essential oil suppositories are extremely soothing to infected tissue and bring instant relief.

  81. I started getting the yeast infections due to indoor pool and hot tub. I was wondering if I could wear a tampon soaked just in coconut oil while swimming to prevent any further infection? And does the coconut oil work by itself or do I need to add the tree tea oil and lavender with it?

  82. I developed a slight yeast infection yesterday after taking a course of antibiotics for a UTI a couple of weeks ago. I was dreading having to go the chemist and get diflucan or similar and having recently started using EO’s I googled and found this page – Yay!!! I don’t have any tea-tree at the moment but I did have a few drops of Lavender left in the bottle. I only had fractionated coconut oil which never hardens of course so I mixed about a teaspoon of this with what I had left of the lavender and then put it in a little 5ml spray bottle like the kind breath freshener spray comes in (the one I used was an old breath spray bottle that I rinsed thoroughly with hot hot water) and then laying down on the bed sprayed the oil directly into my vagina and also the surrounding area. Oh sweet relief! It wasn’t messy at all because the spray only applies a thin layer so I didn’t need to wear a panty liner. I’m going to apply this every time I go to the toilet for the next day or two. If the initial result is anything to go by I should be feeling 100% by then and if not I’ll borrow tea-tree from a friend and try again. Thanks for posting this, by the comments I can see its helping many people!

  83. I found the coconut oil to help a lot, I rub it all over inside & outside of vagina for a yeast infection. I tried the tampon with tea tree oil and coconut oil and I felt relief right away. I also found a warm bath with 2 cups of raw organic apple cider vinegar helped to sooth my skin, it has anti fungal properties too. You can drink a diluted glass of the cider in water which is said to help clear up a yeast infection also…

  84. Unrefined coconut oil is the solidifying one right? Not FCO. just realized i have my first yeast infections in YEARS. going to try this but want to know exactly how much of the mixture to insert at a time and about how many times before you can stop. Wanna nip this in the butt ASAP. Since I work from home I can’t leave to get anything but I’ve got all my “witches potion” so my husband calls it!

  85. @OP, saying you cannot advise people, and then providing specific advice in the next sentence. Lol

  86. I only have organic coconut oil. Will that be just as effective even without the essential oils ? And how long do you think I should do this? I don’t have any discharge or burning , just red , inflamed , and slightly itchy , and a little sore .

  87. Not sure If its me & my diet but I have on going yeast infections and its absolutely killing me !!!
    I don’t have any lavender oils but I do have coconut and Tea tree oil, any methods i could use to make this go away possibly overnight or within the next day?

  88. I’m on antibiotics for 14 days. I have a horrible yeast infection right now. Has anyone used this while on antibiotics and if so how did it work for you?

  89. Coconut oil works by itself, I’ve been using it and it’s just amazing. In a medical study coconut oil killed candida better than diflucan. In another study, coconut oil reduced candida albicans by 10x with just one application. However I did get lavender and tea tree oil so I can try this recipe. As far as using it for prevention I would think it would work but personally, I don’t know if I would insert coconut oil inside the vagina, I have only used it externally because it is unknown whether it will kill the good flora in the vagina since it is antibacterial.

  90. I just tried this and I’m in shock. Instant relief. I’m using it on a tampon overnight to see if it helps kill the infection. I was on vacation in Colorado and was absolutely miserable. I’m holding off on using the Monistat, hoping this takes care of all of it. Fingers crossed!

  91. She said the markup is astronomical. That means they add a lot of cost to the price. I use a brand called cupi essential. They are well priced and his oils are great quality.

  92. Can anyone tell me if this method is okay then do for maintenance about once a week? I get yeast infections very easily and would love to do this once a week to keep things under control……any thoughts or comments would be appreciated!

  93. I am diabetic and on Farxiga. One the side effects is yeast infections, and of course I’m prone. It never goes away. Using your recipe, substituting olive oil, I use unscented baby wipes and spray it with the solution when I go tinkle. It makes a huge difference. Thank you for your article.

  94. I take an anticonvulsant lamitical which is causing serious itching. I try the coconut oil and tea tree. It provides relief from the pain and itch. It always comes back right after I take my meds. I’m look between a rock and a hard place but this helps.

  95. Has anyone tried this with yeast of the nipple? I’m a breastfeeding mama, 7 months in with twins and I’ve taken 2 rounds of diflucan, tried grapefruit seed extract, white vinegar+h20 nipple dips, coconut oil, eliminating sugar, taking probiotics and eating yogurt. Can’t shake it and desperate for help!

  96. Trying this right now! I’ve havent had a yeast infection in months but I recently got one and it’s torturous! I’m hoping this is the answer to my prayers.

  97. Stop eating breads or anything with yeast in them for at least two weeks and see if it makes a difference.

    I ate organic tortillas and other unleavened breads (check the packages if not making your own) to fill in for the bread.

  98. Thank you for posting this. I’m planning on adding olive leaf powder for some added antibacterial power. Then I’m thinking, in order to get it smooth for insertion, I’ll put plastic wrap in an ice cube then fill it about 1/4 of the way for each cube. Then heat a knife and cut lengthwise to make a nice sized stick to insert.
    Thanks again for the inspiration!

  99. @Glenn
    I do not think you should use tea tree oil orally, it can be toxic if consumed/ingested in these concentrations. I hope this reply isn’t too late!

  100. Is it alright to have slight heat once applied to vagina? I made the mixture directly with coconut and tea tree but upon application, I feel some heat, some burning just heat . Thank you

  101. I too have used this. I made a coconut oil and tea tree oil mold in small rubber ice trays that i bought at Bed Bath and Beyond. I keep a tray frozen in my freezer for emergencies. Works like a charm and they’re the perfect size!

  102. How long would you do it for if you been battle yeast for a couple months? Do you leave the vagina completely alone? Or how do do u check when it’s done you’re better/healed? Does sticking your finger in the vaginal to check delay the process after the oil treatment?

  103. Hi I have battled with this for many years I often have to use 3 over the counter drugs before it goes away and then returns a month later. I have tea tree and lavender oil but not coconut, do you mean coconut essential oil or the stuff you buy that you can also cook with in the glass jar? I use lavender and tee tree in the bath does it need to be inserted right inside to have an affect?

  104. Hi I have battled with this for many years I often have to use 3 over the counter drugs before it goes away and then returns a month later. I have tea tree and lavender oil but not coconut, do you mean coconut essential oil or the stuff you buy that you can also cook with in the glass jar? I use lavender and tee tree in the bath does it need to be inserted right inside to have an affect?

  105. I melted the coconut oil added lavender and put it in the applicator of the tampon put in the freezer then used it 1 time after applying just the mixture 1x in the day and the next next day good as new, made 5 of them will save for a later date hoping it will never be needed tho….

  106. I realize this post is older.. I hope you’re feeling better now! For your kidney stones, try stone breaker. It’s made with an ancient herb and it works! Chinese medicine also has countless remedies for dissolving stones. If you can find a practitioner where you live, I’m sure they can help. Doctors of Oriental Medicine look for the root cause of illnesses, and don’t just offer bandaids!

  107. Like this person, I too would like to know if this mix can be used for oral thrush? In March of 2017, I had multiple sinus infections, treated with antibiotics that never completely cleared the infections, for one solid year. Approx 6 months later, I developed oral thrush, which now involves a sore throat that’s not going away. I’m getting quite concerned and really need some direction. I’ve had 2 rounds of diflucan, no improvement. Thanks to anyone who can offer any help.

  108. Do you think adding lemongrass and lemon EO in to coconut oil would be beneficial as well?

  109. I mix this for my wife and put it in large capsules and freeze. Once frozen I remove from capsules and place in zip lock bags, and keep in fridge. She only has to take 1 or 2 out and presto, happy husband

  110. I make this for my wife. Using double OO capsules and a glass dropper, after melting and mixing solution simply fill large part of capsule, cap it and freeze. I then discard capsule from frozen solution and put in zip lock bags. She only has to take 1 or 2 and insert and presto happy husband 🤔

  111. Went to the doc after two weeks of suffering. Thought it would be over; then the pharmacy said $95 -which I did not have. Went back google doctor, and somehow found this article. All this stuff was in my kitchen, so it was effectively free! I added about 7 drops of Frankincense and a Tbl of almond oil to 17 drops of lavender (droppers is hella quick) 12 tea tree and a heaping half cup of of coconut oil. Messy as all get out. But for the First time in two weeks no pain when apply anything to my area. Looks like my girl is on the mend… Thamks soooo much!

  112. >I found this to be an incredibly potent treatment that relieved the itching immediately, and cured the infection overnight.

    I thought you were exaggerating but I tried this and had the exact same experience! It’s amazing.

  113. My chiropractor’s assistant told me what worked for her sister. She put some olive oil on a tampon and then some tea tree oil on that. Inserted the tampon for 2-3 hours then removed. My question is……………… has anyone ever done this? Suggestions. Would love to hear from someone before I try this or the mixture in this article. Being post menopausal and living in Arizona, also very, very dry vaginal walls. ARG.

  114. Oh my wow!! I had been battling a severe yeast infection for 2 days with OTC one day treatment kits. After 2 days and no relief I stumbled across this. INSTANT relief! Redness gone in an hour, itching gone almost immediately. I can’t believe how well this worked, I was so skeptical. Thank you for this remedy, it’s a keeper!

  115. Thank you so much! I battle with annual UTIs and this round of antibiotics didn’t seem to be working and I was feeling worse and then realized my symptoms were slightly altered and think it is probably a yeast infection from antibiotics and eating crappy food this week. I teach hot yoga and that certainly hasn’t helped either. But this led to instant relief and I’m hoping it’ll clear up my symptoms since it’s still a couple days before I can see my doctor. Thank you so so much for the relief!

  116. First off, THANK YOU for sharing!!! I’m so sick of wasting my money on expensive treatments just to find out a few weeks later they didn’t work after all. And bonus that I already have these ingredients!! I just have a quick question: How often did you “reapply”? (I understand you can’t advise me, I was just wondering what worked for you.) Thanks again!

  117. I am also trying this with a tampon and wonder if it works the same or if the tampon will dry up the vagina too much?? Any advice?

  118. I am also trying this with a tampon and wonder if it works the same or if the tampon will dry up the vagina too much?? Any advice?

  119. Just wanted to let you know – I have oral thrush. My tongue hurt horribly. Used Thieves mouthwash and the pain is almost gone. Will keep rinsing. Thank you for this post.

  120. Just to let you know – I have oral thrush. Rinsed with Thieves mouthwash and the pain is almost gone.

  121. A yeast infection of 2 1/2 weeks has led me to this post. I have the essential oils and just went out and bought organic coconut oil. Just finished mixing ingredients and it is in the freezer. I don’t want to talk about the very EXPENSIVE med I started using 2 days ago and some of my symptoms just started coming back today. Hoping this will help. Will repost the results.

  122. I used Monistat 1, felt severe itching the next morning and tried the lavender, tea tree oil, coconut oil mix and felt immediate relief from the itching. I started to feel better the next day, slight itching 2 days later and hoping tomorrow it continues to heal. This was honestly a God-send for the itching. I can’t attribute healing to it because I took the Monistat but I’m definitely doing the combo if this occurs again. Mixed the solution and put it on a tampon. Also bought pill cases (the small weekly ones) mixed it and froze it, works perfectly. Good luck ladies! Thank you for this article! I’m a believer in essential oils now ha.

  123. It probably will smell a lot better ha but if you have a yeast infection it can’t be much worse than the nastiness that comes with that! Hope it worked for you!

  124. This worked really well for immediate relief from severe itching. I went to the gynaecologist and she recommended using an OTC antiseptic wash every day, followed by Vit E spray to heal the area. I did what she recommended for one week, (plus the occasional pessary when it was unbearable) and this combination relieved the itching but didn’t completely clear it. The second week I was travelling and couldn’t take the Vit E spray or make the pessaries, so I just washed the area every night with four drops lavender (to calm the irritation) and four drops tea tree (for antiseptic) in warm water, followed by a little coconut oil for healing, and in 5 days it was completely better. Will do a once a week-ish maintenance routine methinks. Thanks so much for this fab remedy. It helped a lot.

  125. Thank you so much for this! I am 27 weeks pregnant and had been using my DR recommended medicines and over the counter medicines to try and cure my yest infections. No matter I did and how quickly I got treatment I kept getting them every single month. My DR and I where so frustrated and she finally recomended to try a more natural route like I had wanted. I found this and Instant relief! Ive been consitantly doing this process and It has helped me more than ANYTHING. I am so blessed to have come across this and I am so grateful to you for sharing. This has been a life changer!!! I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia and have been high risk my entire pregnancy. Ive struggled with so many challenges to keep me and my baby girl healthy. Having yeast infections on top of my other struggles and my husband being deployed in the marines has been so hard. I feel so much better mentally now that im getting relief from this!! Thank you thank you!!!!!

  126. What about happy wife?! Appreciate your idea share and realize you’re trying to be funny. But…

  127. I am just wondering what your thoughts on using just olive oil are? I have been reading many different contradicting things and I am not sure what to do. I have have had some vaginal itching and burning for a few days now and I need it gone. This happening is only increasing my risk for having a seizure. Thanks

  128. Trying this right now for what seems to be start of a yeast infection, did add a few drops of my YL patchouli as well. Whatever is left over I will add some little baking soda/ corn starch and use in underarms as deodorant 😉 Thanks!

  129. Interestingly enough I bought a formula with the coconut oil and tea tree oil plus east cape manuka oil and it was amazing. Considering I had tried three OTC products before this, this natural blend came out tops. So I reckon you are on to a winner with your home made remedy 🙂

  130. Oh boy that would have been horrible!!! Ouch I’m so sorry you had to experience that. For anyone else reading this if you ever find and essential oil is burning or too intense use more coconut oil or what ever carrier oil you choose. Again I’m so sorry you had to experience this.

  131. Sweet relief. I’ve been battling a pesky yeast infection for 2 months now , 2 rounds of Monistat, a round of diflucan, countless supplements, probiotics, finally I did a 6 day treatment with boric acid, which got rid of the internal infection ,but externally I was still in pain. I did an apple cider Vinegar bath which helped but the pain returned. In desperation I spread this all over my outside and this brought me instant relief from the inflamed madness. Wow , it feels so good! I will update in a few days! But thank you so much . I could cry it feels so good!

  132. This concoction has never been tested that I know of, and I can’t recommend using it during pregnancy without checking with a trusted healthcare professional first.

  133. I have used a concoction of lemongrass essential oil and coconut oil in the same manner above and found it highly effective. Lemongrass has been proven to kill yeast strains better than many medicines out there.

  134. I love how threads go on for YEARS. Thank you so much for sharing your method ! Instant relief for sure and I know I’ve been eating way too much sugar for SURE.

    Going to try it the next few days and I’ll update as well!

    Oh, it’s 1AM and I was desperate so I didn’t have time to freeze, put some on the walls of my vagina and walls of the lips since that’s where the itching was happening.

  135. I have no insurance at the moment and I’ve been trying to go the more natural route with taking care of my body lately and my friend recommend this site to me and I’m so happy ! I don’t have the tea tree oil but I was so desperate I still made up my little balls with just the coconut oil and lavender oil so I will see over the next two days how this works this is amazing ! 🧡

  136. I mixed this and froze it in a silicone cylinder ice mold (used to make ice for bottles). I stuck it in the fridge for a few minutes and it popped out clean when I lifted the edge of the wax paper. I broke a small piece off (about 1/4 of the cylinder) and inserted ….All was well in the morning. Are people who using it with tampons scared to touch their own bodies? The tampon is just gonna absorb the oils, and introduce opportunity for infection and TSS. Just wash your hands like you do when you put in a contact lens.

  137. I sure used it topically and got instant realief. As long as you skin tested for reaction, Don’t see why not.

  138. EXACTLY! People are soooo AGGY. If you thought they could use other ingredients, you would have mentioned it! lol You’re being very kind so I’ll tell ’em… If a reader has other questions they should do some research,or, ask an M.D. and leave MotherWise ALONE. JIMINEY CRICKET

  139. Please, please, please clean and disinfect the syringe or anything you use to insert before applying! It may cause UTI and that alone is very painful.

  140. Dear Kristen,
    I can’t thank you enough. I’ve been suffering for six months. Three different doctors, medical and herbal remedies, supplements, very desperate days and nights, tons of money couldn’t solve my despair. I was so desperate and miserable. Then I found your website.Your method ended my agony instantly. I froze the concoction in capsule form and used a few more times in order to make sure. I’m totally feeling alright now. You’ll be in my prayers. You literally saved my life. I hope you always come across with kind people like yourself! 🙂

  141. I made this yesterday and my symptoms are gone as of this morning!!! This is so much better than otc remedies!! I can’t thank you enough!!!

  142. Hi Motherwise,

    I really can’t fault your article and this is probably the best home made recipe (and thrush treatment full stop) I have come across. You could have saved me money if only I’d seen this article before purchasing on-line. Thrush was the bane of my existence until I I got a natural thrush treatment that contains lavender oil, tea tree oil and coconut oil (much like your recipe). Only thing is – it was a liquid and was a bit more fussy to apply. But it done the job nicely. If I get another infection I think I’ll use your magic recipe instead 😉

  143. I am male. I used pure eucalyptus oil and next time pure Tea tree oil in my anus for a fungal infection. I thought I was going to burn off my arse first time. however after two days there was no more infection. All the meds and fungal/cortisone treatments were used before this with not a hint of success. but the two oils mentioned burned like hell but were the healers. Go well

  144. Oh so grateful to have found this!
    But I have one question that I’m really confused and unsure about.
    I have read that cocounut oil is amazing bc of its antifungal and antibacterial properties, however, it was seen as a cause for yeast infections. now I’m not sure whether any other carrier oil such as avocado or almond might be better for this particular issue? any help and hints highly appreciated! thanks

  145. Did anyone experience the discharge got worse before it got better? I’ve used it twice and holy cow, so much discharge.

  146. I heard that for yoni steams (which is herbs u stick i there n leave overnight) its nit safe for someone with an iud… Do you think thissss methos is safe for iud? The lat thing i want is for these oils to pull out my iud or move it iut of place… I already got oils.

    Maybe i should just run it on labia and not insert it… any details of actual info or just Suggestions?

  147. Hello,

    I was wondering… does this mix also works for Bacterial Vaginosis infections?

  148. I hope you still follow up on comments on this post! I am on day 2 of a yeast infection. I never had them prior to this year but for some reason I have had two separate instances of yeast infection. I tried a garlic clove over last night, but that doesn’t cure it. I have been using your concoction of tea tree oil and coconut oil frozen into clumps and inserted, but they are not working either. Do you think lavender oil is absolutely necessary? I do not have any. Also, could it be I have not added enough tea tree oil? I use it pretty frequently topically for acne so I know I can tolerate it. I would love to hear your thoughts soon. Thank you.

  149. Omg I did the same thing this morning. I felt like my insides where falling out. Ouch. Wish I would have seen this post before I made that mistake.

  150. Hi there! I used this method to relieve a yeast infection and was very satisfied with the results. However, I’m noticing that I’m dealing with discomfort/yeast infections almost every time I’m intimate with my partner. I’m wondering if it would be safe to use this as a preventive measure after sex, or if it would have negative effects using it frequently/long-term. Any information is appreciated!

  151. This is such an old post, I wonder if you will even get this. But did you use just plain coconut oil or with the oils? I’m 33 weeks pregnant currently

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