About Me


Hello and welcome!  I’m Kristen Tea, gentle parenting advocate, positive habits enthusiast, parenting coach, doula, artist, author, and administer of the popular MotherWise Facebook page

I’ve been an artist and writer since childhood. I now utilize art and writing as healing modalities in my work. 

My interest in natural living came from a healing journey I started in my teens. Learning to cook and nourish my body with nutrient-dense foods helped stabilize my mood and energize my body. But later as a low-income single parent, much of the natural living community was inaccessible to me. I found ways to buy in bulk, cook from scratch, shop locally, and make affordable household and body products, all on a budget. 

My birth and postpartum experience as a single parent taught me how important attachment parenting is, for both babies and parents. I utilized birth bonding, breastfeeding, babywearing, and co-sleeping, not just because they promote attachment, but also because they were the simplest, most affordable options for me.

Instead of an expensive crib or stroller, I practiced safe co-sleeping and used a ring sling borrowed from my doula. I saved money on diapers by using cloth diapers instead of disposables. My experience led me to being hired by Mothering Magazine, where I wrote for almost ten years. 

I have since created a community and business through which I support parents as they move through their own healing journey. I have over twenty years of experience working with kids and families, helping families learn to live harmoniously.

With a background in art and psychology, I help parents experience positive pregnancies, achieve their birth and breastfeeding goals, have a supported postpartum, and move into the journey of parenting with confidence and positive habits. I empower parents through birth education using a therapeutic art process, and I utilize creativity and art as a parent and wellness coach. 

I believe that the way we raise children can help heal the world. I continue to paint, draw, collage, and more in my daily life, and employ a therapeutic art approach in my work with clients.

Even if a person does not identify as an artist, anyone can use drawing, journaling, and other creative approaches to processing feelings and trauma. Therapeutic art can help with birth trauma, childhood trauma, and achieving wellness and parenting goals. 

I homeschool my kids, emphasizing the arts and outdoor time. We spend a lot of time in nature, hiking, kayaking, walking, running, and adventuring. My kids explore educational topics with curiosity and enthusiasm, and they are self-taught in many crafts, including blacksmithing, sewing, woodworking, and more.

My own experiences through trauma to peaceful parenting, and my family’s true joy for life and each other, has inspired me to help guide other parents. I love to cook from scratch, focusing on simple, nutrient-dense foods, accessible to many budgets. I have mastered the art of sourdough and incorporate it into my weekly routine. As a family, we emphasize joyful movement and a healthy relationship food. 

A major goal in my life is to empower all parents with information to make the most positive choices for their families. Contact me with any questions!

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