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Hello Wise Mamas!  I’m Kristen Tea, certified wellness coach, author, and administer/owner of the popular MotherWise blog and Facebook page.

I strongly believe in food as medicine.  I am committed to providing whole, healthy, organic foods for myself and my family.  I do so on a budget, and have learned the skills of living cheaply in order to live a holistic life.  I have been surrounded by disease my entire life– my immediate and extended family has experienced cancer, heart disease, heart attack, heart transplant, arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and several other autoimmune disorders.

My interest in natural living came from my early teens; reading about plant-based diets led me to adjusting the eating habits I was raised with, which also inspired reading into the healing effects of juice fasting, and alternative medicine was a natural step from there.  Through my research I have learned that many of the diseases I grew up seeing are treatable with lifestyle changes and natural treatments.

It was when I got a job at an organic juice bar in St. Paul, MN that I began feeling a strong urge to coach people in the realm of wellness.  Customers would come in with various ailments: cold, flu, fatigue, indigestion, and I’d make them a concoction of juice or tea, with extra vitamin C, fiber, anti-inflammatory foods, or whatever they might need.  This gained me the nickname of “The Doctor.”  Since then I have only improved upon my wealth of knowledge and my abilities to guide people through their healing process and into the natural lifestyle.  I can answer any questions you have about natural living, help you detox your home and your family, help create healthy meal plans, and more.

I garden, can and freeze my own food, use homemade/non-toxic cleaning products in my home, and use natural medicine.  I practice attachment parenting, full-term breastfeeding, gentle discipline, co-sleeping, babywearing, and various other natural parenting beliefs.  A major goal in my life is to empower all parents with information to make the healthiest choices for their families.  Contact me with any questions!



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