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What Is Placenta Encapsulation?

The placenta is a nutrient-dense organ grown specially during pregnancy to nurture and protect baby. Placentophagy is the act of consuming one’s placenta after birth. Most mammals consume their placentas. Encapsulation is the most common form of consumption for humans. To date, most evidence on the benefits of placentophagy are anecdotal. However, a 2017 study from UNLV concluded there are no significant risks to placenta consumption. A 2013 survey of mothers’ experiences with placenta consumption showed 95% of mothers reported a “positive” or “very positive” experiences with placentophagy.

How Does It Work?

I am traditionally trained in placenta encapsulation, and I specialize in Traditional Chinese Medicine preparation. This includes steaming the placenta with lemon, cayenne, and ginger, not for flavor, but to add warmth back into the postpartum body. The placenta is then lovingly ground into a fine powder and encapsulated. I also offer placenta prints and artwork, umbilical cord keepsakes, and raw preparation.

Contact me before or during your pregnancy to discuss your preferences. You will sign a contract assuring that you have no blood-born illnesses. You will contact me when labor begins, and after the placenta arrives. The placenta should be stored in two ziplock bags, and refrigerated. I will pick up the placenta after birth, and return the placenta pills to you within the next 1-2 days.


  • Dr. Sears Lifestyle Exercise Attitude Nutrition wellness coach
  • Traditionally trained placenta specialist and birth worker
  • Student of childbirth education through Birth Arts International
  • Rebozo Workshop with Gena Kirby
  • Ordained minister through Universal Life Church


Educating, advocating for, and serving mothers since 2008.

Special interest in:

Holistic pregnancy and birth preparation, birth art, placenta prints, keepsake umbilical cords, informed consent, Rebozo, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, attachment parenting, low-income families, single mothers.

About Kristen:

As an internationally known author on parenting and wellness, Kristen is a passionate advocate for mothers, children, and families. She cares deeply about empowering parents with evidence-based information. Kristen got her start as an author writing for Mothering Magazine after having her first child. She went on to start her own blog and organization, MotherWise, serving mothers seeking holistic birth, breastfeeding support, and family wellness. Kristen teaches wellness workshops online and in the community, including diet and exercise for pregnancy and birth, as well as birth education and gentle discipline classes. She enjoys creating placenta artwork, and helping mothers work through their fears and feelings via birth art.

Placenta remedies can have many benefits for new moms, including increased milk supply, increased energy, and mood support.

Serving the Northwestern Minnesota and North Eastern North Dakota region — Minneapolis, St. Paul, Detroit Lakes, Grand Forks, Mayville, Crookston, Pelican Rapids, Enderlin, Wahpeton, Bismarck, Casselton, Fargo, Moorhead doula and placenta encapsulation. 

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