Cry With Me! Watch These Viral Pregnancy Announcement Videos

Viral Pregnancy Announcement Videos

Is it just me, or do pregnancy announcement videos turn you into a giddy mess?

The surprise, the excitement, the joy — I’m a puddle on the floor. If you’re like me and you love pregnancy announcements, these viral videos will delight your weary soul.

This emotional dad-to-be received a sweet surprise when his wife announced her pregnancy in a photo booth:

This loving wife and her husband were making a video to win a trip when she surprised him with her emotional announcement:


These sibling were overwhelmed and overjoyed to learn they would both get the chance to be big sisters:


This sweetie pie soon-to-be-Grandpa gets adorably emotional at the happy news:


These future Grandpas happily freak out upon hearing the announcement:

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This Grandma-to-be positively loses her mind!


This adorable future Grandma screams, laughs, and cries when the announcement is made:


This couple struggled with infertility for 5 years before getting pregnant.

First, mom tells dad in an intimate, emotional reveal. Then they go on to joyously surprise their friends and family members. A must-watch!

Do you have a favorite pregnancy announcement video, or one of your own to share? Post it below!

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