Your Blissful Pregnancy



Your Blissful Pregnancy class is an online course to help you prepare for and have a healthy, empowered, blissful pregnancy.

This class entirely self-paced and will include webinars, articles, menu plans, personalized video consultations, and so much more!

The course covers 6 different topics:


Learn about diet before and during pregnancy, pregnancy meal plans, real food on a budget, healthy recipes, herbs to support fertility and pregnancy, gentle detox, best prenatal vitamins, information on dairy, sugar, and gluten, how and why to avoid pesticides and GMOs, the best diet to nourish your baby, and guidance to support you along the way.

Detoxing your household

Learn the risks of conventional household cleaning products, how and why to avoid household toxins, recipes for homemade cleaning products, essential oil info, and more.

Detoxing your body

How and why to avoid body-product toxins, fun, easy and affordable homemade body product recipes, natural beauty tips, non-toxic makeup options, essential oil information.

Breastfeeding preparation

Breastfeeding 101 – the ultimate how-to guide, troubleshooting, resources, lactation recipes, breastfeeding support, product recommendations, evidence-based information, encouragement for your breastfeeding journey.

Birth preparation

Preparing for a natural birth, birth choices, evidence-based information, labor tips, resources to prepare for a healthy, easy, natural birth.

Postpartum information

Babywearing tips, information, resource guide; cosleeping safety and science information; placenta benefits; cloth diapering 101 and cloth diaper resource guide; Attachment Parenting facts and information; tips for a blissful postpartum period.

This class includes one-on-one consultations (via email and/or personalized coaching videos), evidence-based information, articles with resources and product recommendations, meal plans, recipes, guidance, support, and more!

I am a Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. health coach, and I’ve been studying holistic health for over a decade.

Below is the official syllabus for the Your Blissful Pregnancy Class:

Section One: Food

Don’t Fear the Fat! — Did you know healthy fats are CRUCIAL to preventing the cravings that keep so many people from reaching their wellness goals? Healthy fats not only keep you feeling full and satisfied, but also help your brain and body function at their best.

The Benefits of Real Salt — Did you know flavoring your food with real mineral-rich salt is actually good for you? As long as you’re not on a salt-restricted diet and not consuming processed/salted foods, salt can be a delicious and healthy addition to your diet. Learn more in this article.

Real Food 101 — What is “real food”? What is healthy food? Are some so-called “health foods” actually not so healthy? How do we read labels and know which ingredients are good and which are bad? Reading labels is one of the most important parts of healthy eating– you will earn about that and more in this video!

Real Food Resource Guide — Are you wondering where to find local healthy food? Are you curious about some ingredients you’ve seen in my meal plans or other healthy recipes? Do you want to find fresh produce, organic meat, and natural products in your area? Do you want to find great bulk deals online? Check out this resource guide– it is full of information to help you!

Healthy Pregnancy Meal Plan — Here is an example of a meal plan that consists of nourishing, satisfying, delicious healthy food perfect for nourishing your growing baby.

Simple Healthy Meal Plan — I want to show you how my family eats, so I made this simple meal plan that reflects the food regularly found in my house. This is an easy, affordable list of recipes that shows healthy eating doesn’t need to be complex or expensive.

Real Food on a Budget — Wondering how to afford healthy eating? Do some ingredients in healthy recipes seem too expensive? My family is on a budget but we make real food a priority. Read this article to learn my tips!

Whole Food and Vitamins During Pregnancy — Wondering which vitamins are best? Did you know there are critical differences between synthetic and food-based vitamins? This guide explains it all!

The Many Wonders of Coconut Oil — In this video I discuss the amazing benefits of coconut oil and why you should use it daily! Did you know coconut oil can help you maintain a healthy weight and control unhealthy cravings? It is incredible stuff!

Detoxing Your Diet — Feeling worn down and getting sick often? Feeling sluggish and wondering how to have more energy? Struggling with recurring illness or excess weight? Learn how to detox your diet in a safe and easy way. This includes information (listed separately below) about sugar addiction and healthy sweet replacements, gluten and dairy intolerance, growth hormones, GMOs, and pesticides. **NOTE** While this form of detox is gentle, detoxing during pregnancy and breastfeeding should be discussed with a trusted healthcare provider before making any changes.

Say Goodbye to Gluten

The Downsides of Dairy

Oh Sweet Sugar

The Problems with Pesticides, Genetically Modified Foods, and Growth Hormones

The Benefits of Smoothies — Adding smoothies to your daily diet is a GREAT way to boost nutrition during pregnancy!

Smoothies Galore — From healing green smoothies to super sweet dessert smoothies, this recipe collection is a great start to adding blended nutrition to your diet.

Home Remedies for Natural Healing — If you want to learn about how to keep your family healthy and/or treat illnesses naturally at home, check out these healthy home remedies!

Herbs for Fertility, Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding — Learn about herbal treatments that are safe for breastfeeding and pregnancy, and can help promote fertility.

Section One Homework

Section Two: Detoxing Your Body

Toxins in Body Products and Healthy Alternatives — Did you know that many popular body/beauty products have cancer-causing toxins, allergens, and other problematic ingredients? Watch this video to learn more.

Safe Body Product Resource Guide — Your guide to learning about a variety of body products including soaps, lotions, essential oils, make-up, and other beauty products, as well as baby/family products.

Exercise Philosophies — This is one of the most important elements of reaching your wellness goals. Exercise isn’t just about looking good– more importantly, exercise is a way to have a long, healthy life, to make sure your body functions properly, to avoid problems like heart disease and back problems. Exercise can boost your mood, keep you at a healthy weight, and ensure that your body doesn’t fall apart as you age (to be frank). Exercise is SO IMPORTANT. In this video I discuss how I transitioned from a person who didn’t exercise much to someone who exercises every day.

Watch this video to hear me talk about how exercise benefitted me during pregnancy.

Easy, Holistic Exercises — Here I’ve compiled a list of easy exercises, many of which can easily be done at home or even at the playground! This is simple stuff– you can make time to do it right away in the morning and effortlessly get your exercise in every single day. These exercises can help you have an easier labor and recovery!

Section Two Homework

Section Three: Detoxing Your Household

Safe Household Product Resource Guide — Check out this guide to learn about the safety issues with common toxic household cleaners, and find safe, non-toxic cleaning products, air fresheners, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, safe brands to buy, as well as easy, affordable homemade options!

Section Three Homework

Section Four: Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Information

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Healing — Learn more about essential oils and how they can benefit you during pregnancy, birthing time, and, postpartum.

Natural Treatments for Common Ailments During Pregnancy — Here you will find a long list of natural remedies for common pregnancy problems such as nausea, heartburn, leg cramps, and more!

The Bs of AP — Learn about the science behind Attachment Parenting and how it can help you raise a secure, independent, emotionally healthy child.

Belly Binding for Prenatal Comfort and Postpartum Healing — Learn how to use belly binding to support your body during pregnancy and the postpartum period (this technique can help your stomach return to normal faster!!).

Natural Birth Resource Guide — Being prepared is SUCH an important part of birth, and parenthood altogether. This resource guide has sample birth plans, evidence-based information, tips and tricks for natural birth, and much more!

The Risks of Birth Interventions — Understanding that there are risks to birth interventions can help you stay the course during labor, and welcome your baby in the most natural, gentle way. Did you know some birth interventions can increase the risk of c-section? Learn more here.

My 10 Tips for a Natural Birth — My first birth was a medicated hospital birth (pitocin and epidural). My second was a natural homebirth and it was amazing! In this video I discuss the 10 things I did to help myself have a natural birth.

The Risks of Formula — In order to prepare for breastfeeding, it is important to understand the risks of formula. According to multiple studies, infant formula can increase the risks of several different diseases and health issues. That does not mean everyone who is formula fed will end up with these illnesses, but it is very important to be fully informed. Learn more about that in this video.

5 Steps to a Good Latch — Getting a good latch is a great way to start off your breastfeeding relationship with your new baby! A good latch will prevent painful nipples and assure your baby nurses effectively. Watch this video to learn 5 steps that will help.

Breastfeeding 101: Beating the Booby Traps — There are several common “booby traps” with breastfeeding that are often to blame when women are unable to continue nursing. Are you making enough milk? Why is baby crying? How do you avoid painful nipples? This is THE article to read to prepare for breastfeeding.

Further Breastfeeding Resources — More resources including breastfeeding accessories, nipple balm, etc.

Babywearing 101 — In this video I discuss the various baby carriers available, which ones are my favorite, and why.

Babywearing Resource Guide — This guide contains links to information about safe babywearing as well as a wide variety of different carriers to explore.

Cloth Diapering 101 — Confused about cloth diapers? Overwhelmed by the options out there? In this video I break it down to help you choose the right diapers for your child.

Cloth Diaper Resource Guide — Here you’ll find a lot of different cloth diaper brands and options as well as washing/care instructions.

Safe Cosleeping Resource Guide — This guide contains evidence supporting cosleeping how to bed-share safely and some helpful cosleeping accessories.

Placenta Remedy Resource Guide — Wondering why you should encapsulate your placenta? This resource guide contains evidence-based information about why and how to turn your placenta into a remedy.

Section Four Homework


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