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  1. I’m a 38 year old single mother, desperately seeking some kind of support or advocacy for my one year daughter and I. We live in Rhode Island, and sadly the family court rulings here rely solely on the personal opinions of judges and magistrates. Under the guise of “what’s best for the child”. My beautiful baby girl that I raised alone for the first 5 months of her life, now has to spend overnights away from me once a week in Massachusetts, with her father and an American bulldog that has bitten! My daughter is still breastfeeding and I provide pumped milk for the overnights. It’s only been about 1 month of overnights and the trauma and negative effects are painfully apparent. Her behavior has changed drastically. Especially the day I get her back from him. She will not allow me to put her down for the remainder of the day. And at night wakes in a screaming crying and scrambles into my arms in a panic. How is this at all what’s best for my child? It is sickening and truly breaking my heart that I have no power at all to protect my baby from this hugely detrimental life altering situation. The courts don’t look at the facts. The abundance of knowledge we have compiled over the years on what exactly happens to babies taken from their primary caregiver for overnights with the other parent. I have been reaching out for guidance from anyone with some kind of authority on how to protect my baby. Hoping someday the right person will hear my story and give me some kind of hope.

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